Wednesday, March 22, 2006


You know what I've been doing the last couple of days? Scouring the depths the fanboy hell, that's what. An explanation is needed, and here it is:

Remember when I noted the disturbingly high amount of Doc Ock fanart on DeviantArt? Well, believe it or not, I've been on that site for basically every day since then, digging through random scribbles, seemingly searching for something that I'll never find. Oh, but I did find some things: disturbing trends.

It's not like the site is some cesspool filled with art by aspiring serial rapists(although I can't discount the presence of a few of them). But you know,any large grouping of fans showing off their creativity will end up with a few of them with rather strange pleasures that they seem to have no qualm showing off (thank God for the anonymity of THE INTERNET). Some of them I can understand....some are just bizarre to me.

For example, I come across a few pictures depicting bloated (as in, fatter than the Blob on a chocolate binge) or pregnant women. What exactly do these mean? What purpose do they serve? On second thought, I have a bad feeling where this is going, and I don't want to touch it with a ten foot clown pole. Let's just...move on.

One of the biggest sections of the site is Anthro. Anthro meaning Anthropomorphism. You know, Furry art. Albeit, some of things in anthro don't seem to fit, because their artist has a incorrect definition of the concept. Anthropomorphism is applying human qualities to animals. So, it still must be mostly animal, with human features. However, some of the anthro art on the site is the opposite, where a mostly human being is given animal features. What is basically a human, only with cat ears or a snake's tail, is not anthropomorphic in my books. Feel the need to correct me on that, if you so desire. Not that you would ever do that while I'm on one of my logic rants.

As many disturbing things as I found, though, there are some genuinely talented artists on the site. Some actual professionals, too. You might want to browse the site, if you're absolutely bored out of your skull. Beware, though, the dark secrets of THE INTERNET.


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