Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Ultimate Team

The position is set, and the game is ready...I will attempt to get the newspaper spot.

Oh insanity today. Mario and Sonic team-up in Beijing. Well, it actually happened. Hopefully it will happen again in more, * violent * a setting (which you know exactly what I mean).

What gets me more excited than normal for this title is the fact that Matt Cassashghdkjf at IGN described it as Wii Sports + online. That's pretty good(1), because Wii Sports is good(2) by itself and adding more games and online play is certainly a good(3) thing. It is developed by Sega, which kinda puts a downer on it (Sega without AM2 or Treasure being the true masterminds of the games tends to be rather lacklustre). But Captain Smiley himself, Shiggy Miyamoto, will be watching like Uatu, so it could balance itself out. Hopefully the game itself will be able to justify further fangasm.

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